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2 more down -- 105 to go! Yes, we "sort of" followed in Donald Trump's footsteps.

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

On July 31, Sue, Sue and I (yes, "Sue-squared") decided to hit Bethesda-by-the-Sea (No. 33) and Breakers (No. 39)! We knew Breakers would be amazing (and both Sue's had been there before), but we were all blown away by Bethesda-by-the-Sea. Below are the "two Sues" (sort of like the "Two Yutes" from My Cousin Vinnie).

Donald & Melania were married at Bethesda-by-the-Sea as were Michael Jordan and Yvette Prieto. Sadly, none of us were invited to either wedding. We all certainly understood why they selected this historic location after walking through the Church and the grounds. When you arrive, you initially believe there is only the Church itself. However, there is so much more! There are memorial gardens, a tea house, and a garden chapel. My photos do not do the place justice, but see below:

One really interesting feature within this Gothic church was a ship suspended from the ceiling!!? (See below photo). I have since learned that a ship suspended from the ceiling represents the Scandinavian custom of placing a model ship in a window of a church or home and praying for a safe journey. It faces east towards open waters. I like this idea -- maybe we should hang a model plane in homes for frequent fliers? Given recent fights on planes - might not be a bad idea.

The interior was beautiful, but we were particularly thrilled to see the nearby grounds. It was a very peaceful area, and there was even had a Koi pond.

Neither of my fellow adventurers had been to Bethesda-by-the-Sea, and we all decided it was a great experience. This would be a really cool place to take out of town guests.

Afterwards, we drove to the nearby Breakers. WOWSA! I have to concede, I was a bit embarrassed to Valet my Honda CRV when so many Mercedes were pulling in; but the valet was an awesome guy who treated us like we were royalty! When we first walked in, we were greeted with beautiful flowers and an amazing view -- see below.

There is so much history at the Breakers, it's difficult to even start. I would recommend just wandering through -- reading the signs and talking to the employees.

Sue did have some intel, and she told us a story about a former Speakeasy that was located in the Circle Room. Apparently, the upstairs was the location of the bar during Prohibition. Below are some photos:

This is where the Speakeasy was located. I think it would have been exciting to have a drink upstairs in this spot. The Breakers should re-open that area for guests!

This is the Circle Room, where the Speakeasy is located, and below is another photo of the ceiling of this room. So gorgeous! This where they hold Sunday Brunch -- I need to go soon!

Prior to having lunch at one of the restaurants, we wandered down various hallways, past interesting artwork, and peeked inside a banquet room being prepared for a wedding reception. What a great place to have a reception!

This painting is really interesting! When you walk past, it feels like the carpet angle changes. Of course, my photos don't reflect that -- must just be a trick on your eyes!

I love everything about this room for a reception! The flowering tree, (there were multiples) the gorgeous ceiling, white tablecloths and ornate rug! Plus, when you want to go outside for a walk, you have this view:

We ended the day with a fantastic meal and shopping. My checking account isn't so happy; but I am! What a great time!

Thanks to my girls for going with me on this adventure! More to come!!

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